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Welcome! Eight years ago we set out to improve an affordable and convenient exercise tool - exercise tubing. Although exercise tubing at the time was good - it wasn't great. We were on a mission to change all that. After 1.5 years of designing and many many prototypes we launched the Bodylastics exercise tubing system in 1998. Since then we have sold over 80,000 units and are used by some of the toughest critics, personal trainers nationwide and the US military.

What you are going to see on this website is truly a revolution in fitness. Our exercise tubing is so effective that we actually compete with some of the best home gyms, like Bowflex rather than other exercise tubing products. Click here to compare our exercise tubing to Bowflex

If you cannot adjust the resistance you are wasting your time and money

This is a biggie here. I will try to simplify the explanation. Well, first let me ask you a question: do you think that you could make positive changes in your whole body with one pair of 5 lb weights? The answer is absolutely not! Each of your muscle groups is a different size and a different strength. The only way that you will effectively work and improve each muscle is by adjusting the resistance (tension) so that each muscle group is challenged. Challenging each muscle with resistance is considered resistance training. More and more doctors, diet Gurus, even Dr Phil are recommending this type of exercise because it adds muscle to your body. When you add muscle to your body you naturally raise your metabolism. In essence you become a calorie and fat burning machine.

The majority of the exercise tubing products on the market have only one level of resistance, so you cannot perform effective resistance training. Bodylastics exercise tubing is designed with an amazing clip system. This makes it fully scalable and adjustable, so that you can add or subtract resistance in a snap.

Exercise tubing comes in many forms - what are the pros and cons?

Here is a quick review of the several types of exercise tubing:

Exexercise tubing LoopExercise Tubing Loop
Pros: Inexpensive
Cons: One level of resistance, limited exercises, does not easily attach to the door
Bottom Line: This type of exercise tubing is okay for a couple of exercises. The truth is - we really don't understand it. It is too short to provide full range of motion for just about every exercise. This would be like having one 5 lb dumbbell to exercise your whole body - and with limited range of motion.

exercise tubing figure 8Exercise Tubing Figure 8
One level of resistance, limited exercises, does not easily attach to the door
Bottom Line: This type of exercise tubing is a little better than the loop because it has a bit more length, however, it still is very limited. You can only exercise one limb at a time and to work certain muscles will be awkward if not impossible.
exercise tubing with handlesExercise Tubing with handles
Inexpensive, works a couple of muscle groups
Cons: One level of resistance, limited exercises
Bottom Line: When we first tried exercise tubing years ago, this was the best type that was offered and the one desperately needed improvements.
BBodylastics exercise tubing setodylastics Exercise Tubing System
Inexpensive, 15 levels of resistance (comes standard), recreates all of the best gym exercises, effectively works every muscle group
Cons: None, although it would be even better with a bar (we're working on that)
Bottom Line: If you want to be able to recreate the best exercises from the gym and adjust the resistance (this is what makes exercise tubing effective) than this is your best bet.

How does exercise tubing work?

Exercise tubing creates resistance (tension) when you stretch it.. When you overload your muscle with resistance your muscle will have to adapt. How's it going to adapt? It is going to have to become stronger. How will it become stronger? It will have to get multiply and get bigger. This is the principle of adaptation.

The greatest fact about working your muscle against resistance is that your muscle does not know the type of resistance it is. Yes, your muscle is blind. It will not know whether you are working with free weights, machines or exercise tubing.

I have met many bodybuilders and power lifters who have added muscle and strength using exercise tubing. Click here to compare exercise tubing to other forms of resistance training.

Bodylastics comes with a full 90 day unconditional warrantee!

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